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Reasons to Choose Thang Long University

Architectural systems that change the mindset

Although architecture is by no means a novel concept, the merging of the two disciplines of education and architecture is probably new to many. We aim to create a unique, creativity-supporting architectural design which allows students to study anywhere at any time. With the updated facility system, learners are able to equip themselves with professional knowledge and practical skills to meet the challenges of the new era. We call it “the mind-changing architecture”.

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Graduates have a job immediately in their first year after graduation

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Graduates work in foreign companies

Reason to choose Thang Long university

The university-city complex

Learning effectiveness is maximized when students enjoy their learning environment. To this end, we designed the university-city complex that can meet all students’ needs, including studying, socializing, participating in extracurricular activities and doing sports.

Student life in Thang Long university

Entering the era of globalization and revolution 4.0, every graduate should be fully equipped with general knowledge about Informatics - Foreign Languages - Economics


Foreign Languages